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Кхуздул А.Словарь радикалов и лексикон

Lexicon (khuzdul sayings):
Good morning à good begin   à mazhor zur tajid

Good evening à good end     à tangor zur tajid

Sleep well à sleep deep      à durm tsadik

How are you? à how you?       Kams kuno /kuna? (m/f) gender of addressee

I am fine, thanks à i good, thank you       à ano / ana tajid         gender of speaker

Cheers à to Mahal’s blessing           à kwamot Mahal!

Welcome --            à à Varkinh

Goodby (à go well)   à nuz°n tajid      2.pers.sing...I somehow feel that dwarfs are not much for forms of politeness... ° is empty vowel inserted with difficult vowel combinations...

See you soon à I will see you (singl) soon......    à liltalchusokuno raks (m/m) liltalchusokuna raks (m/f) liltalchusakuno raks (f/m) liltalchusakuna raks (f/f) it is important to pay attention not only to speaker but also to addressee...

I love you   à à tamresokuna (m/f) tamresakuno (f/m)

Waiter, another one of these! à waiter one more of these    à Mukzakan! Hur akthal lam zarân!

Enjoy your meal    à merkh mumtankunno/a

Radical Roots
These radical roots are not a dictionary but they are meant to provide a quick reference for basic meanings. They allow to create new meaning from the roots by applying the wordformation rules. They should also be consulted when creating new words, to ascertain that wherever possible the consonant combination has not yet been used.
Sit verb; `ekes; Sit, seat, place of rest; `-k-s
leg; Badon / dual?; leg; b-d-n
Calm adj; bafik; calm; b-f-k
Squad /Kernel; Blag /blâg kernel; Inner thing; b-l-g
blunt - verb; bulug; Blunt without sharp edge; b-l-g
Annoy verb; belek; Annoyed, ; B-l-k
Mad / insane- ; bilikh; Mad, insane; b-l-kh
Head; bund; Head physical; b-n-d
eight; banumb; ; b-n-mb
Bore.verb; bered; Bore, boredom, bored; b-r-d
Multiply verb; burudh; ; b-r-dh
Prove verb; bereg; Test, verify, prove; b-r-g
Axe; Burk /barâk; axe; b-r-k
Absent- ; barin-; Void, emptiness, ; b-r-n
Only / alone; brund; Only, alone, lonely, single; b-r-nd-
Heat verb; burung; Hot, heat, ; b-r-ng
Red; baraz; Pertaining to color red; b-r-z
To redden; buruz; Color, to redden; B-r-z
Promise verb; Besek; Promise, ; b-s-k
hat; bathon; Head cover; b-th-n
Rebel verb; butsuk; Rebel, ; b-ts-k
Rise verb; Butsum; Rise ; b-ts-m
Raise verb; betsem; raise; b-ts-m
Valley, dale; bizar; Cleave, cleft, ; b-z-r
Shorten verb; chunud; Short, shorten; Ch-n-d
Keep-; chunuk; Keep, retain, hold; ch-n-k
four; char; ; ch-r
Prosper verb; chereps; Grow rich, fertile; Ch-r-ps
Book noun- ; Churt/ charât; book; ch-r-t
five; chawen; ; ch-w-n
Blade- ; dufr / dafâr; long elongated shape; d-f-r
Will / desire verb; Degek; Desire, will; d-g-k
Can , be able; Deger; Be able; d-g-r
Good /right/ just; Dhabid; Good, right, just; dh-b-d
prepare- ; dheser; prepare; Dh-s-r
Pure adj; Dhawil; Pure, ; Dh-w-l
Hall, mansion; Dűm either plural or collective; ; d-m
Pants casual; dunk; ; d-n-k
Hold, lift verb; denev; Hold, lift, support; d-n-v
Prayer; Drugh /drűgh; Plead, pray, prayer.; d-r-gh
Sleep verb; durum; sleep; d-r-m
Teach verb; deres; To teach; d-r-s
tradition; datr; tradition; d-t-r
Strike verb; duwung; Strike, stroke; d-w-ng
in; fî; ; f
Envy verb; fukhund; Envy; f-kh-nd
Ashen; falag; Ash, burned residue; f-l-g
Hew rock inf.; felek; ; f-l-k
Chisel verb; fuluk; Work rock with tools; f-l-k
Bat-; Famad /famâd; ; f-m-d
ten; furan; ; f-r-n
Sprint verb; furus; Run very fast, run a short time; f-r-s
Liberate /free verb; furush; Free, liberate; f-r-sh
Grow ; feshen; grow; f-sh-n
Blow verb; futhur; Blow, breath, wind; f-th-r
Awake; Futur; awake; f-t-r
Bad ; fatas; bad; f-t-s
golden; farzul; gold; f-z-l
great; Gabil; Pertaining to seize, greatness, quantity; g-b-l
Describe-verb; guduk; Describe, ; g-d-k
Salt; gyghat; salt; g-gh-t
Script verb; Geghwen ; Copy a text; g-ghw-n
Dark ; gogok; Dark, lightless; g-g-k
inkwell; ghwinid; inkwell; Ghw-n-d
one thousand seven hundred eight, in everydays speech used as thousand; ghwinar, pl ghwinâr ; ; ghw-n-r
seven; ghazd; ; gh-z-d
grieve verb; gukul; grieve; g-k-l
Say verb; gekem; Say, saga, tale; g-k-m
language; Aglâb, possibly agalâb, that which is describing; Pertaining to the use of concepts; g-l
Sign language; Iglishmęk possibly igli- shamęk that which is describing in signs or gestures ; Pertaining to the use of concepts
Gesture, sign, movement; g-l
Old ; gamil; Pertaining to advanced age; g-m-l
Delve , excavate, tunnel; gunud; Underground, below, deep, hollow, dig, ; g-n-d
Shovel verb; gunumb; Scoob shovel; g-n-mb
dark, black (without connotation with 'evil'); garab; black; g-r-b
jealous; garad; jealous; g-r-d
guard verb; gerekh; Protection, guard, armor, to guard; g-r-kh
Shield verb; gurukh; Protection, guard, armor, to guard, shield; g-r-kh
forget ; gurush; forget; g-r-sh
strong; Gathil; Strong, strength; g-th-l
Minecar; Gwamb; ; Gw-mb
Chop- verb; gwenet; Chop, hack, ; Gw-n-t
Pass verb; gwered; Pass, go by; Gw-r-d
Time noun; gazhad; time; g-zh-d
Serve verb; gezek; Serve; g-z-k
honor; hagwor; honour; h-gw-r
pink; hikwit; pink; h-kw-t
Seize /grab; Huluk; Seize, grab, hold on to; h-l-k
one; hur; ; h-r
first; huril; ; h-r
eleven; remur; rem-prefix without, hur-one; h-r
Conceal-; herend; Conceal, hide, stow away; h-r-nd
Intrude verb; Hyukud; Forced entry, intrusion; Hy-k-d
small; Kabin; Small, tiny, smallness, little; k-b-n
big; kabir; Big, great, ; k-b-r
Bow; Kadog /kadűg; Bend, curve, bow, ; k-d-g
Knock ; kefef; knock; k-f-f
Create / make; Kugug; Create, make, ; k-g-g
Ire; khador; Fury... very strong emotion of anger.; Kh-d-r
Never- ; kahak; Never; k-h-k
Crystalline; khalid; Crystalline, glass, transparent; Kh-l-d
Accurate- ; Khalif ; Right, exact, proper, straight,; Kh-l-f
Glass; Kheled or khelek; Crystalline, glass, transparent; Kh-l-k /kh-
dress; khelen; ; Kh-l-n
Leap verb; khulun; Leap, bound, jump; kh-l-n
Leap noun; khalon; Leap, bound, jump; kh-l-n
Wrath; kholar; Angry emotion to anger; Kh-l-r
Wrong verb; Kh-m-ch; wrong; Kh-n-ch
judge; kheregh; Judge, ; Kh-r-gh
Order verb; kheres; To put into a sequence, order; Kh-r-s
Scroll /read verb; kheser; read; Kh-s-r
Pound/ hammer /beat verb; khutug; Hammer, pound; Kh-t-g
Crown; khetar; crown; Kh-t-r
Mount verb; khutur; mount; Kh-t-r
Live; khwelen; live; Khw-l-n
destine; khwelen; Destine, determine; Khw-l-n
determine; khwulun; Destine, determine; Khw-l-n
Wonder/ marvel verb; khweser; marvel; khw-s-r
six; khwit; ; khw-t
What; Kal; Question; k-l
Wrap around; keled; Wrap around; k-l-d
Call verb; kelej; Call, shout, voice loudly; k-l-j
How; kams; Way, fashion; k-m-s
Colonel; Kanl /Kanâl; ; k-n-l
cut-verb; kenet; Cut, incise, ; k-n-t
Who; Kur; person; k-r
Attack- ; kirg. ; To attack, surge forward, ; k-r-g
Hate verb; kereh; hate; k-r-h
Where; karij; position; k-r-j
Apple- ; Karn, ; ; K-r-n
Haul; kurup; Haul, drag; k-r-p
Open verb; kurut; Open ; k-r-t
inform; kushuk; Inform, make known; k-sh-k
Give verb; kusukh; Give, hand over; k-s-kh
Chain verb; Kethed ; chain; k-th-d
Much /more; Kathil /akthal; ; k-th-l
Helmet-; kathon; helmet; k-th-n
Fair / light adj.; kwabir; Fair, light, clear; Kw-b-r
pickaxe; kwedeth; Tool to hack; Kw-d-th
Clout- verb; kweger; Hit, bludgeon, club; Kw-g-r
Round adj.; kwaling; circular; Kw-l-ng
Bless verb; kwumut; bless; Kw-m-t
Stand verb; kwether; Stand, be upright; Kw-th-r
Fall verb; kwutuz; Fall, shute, decline; Kw-t-z
why; kuzhik; reason; k-zh-k
See verb; luchus; Perceive, perception, eye, see, ; l-ch-s
Near adj; lidimb; Close, near, proximity; l-d-mb
folk; lufand; People, folk; l-f-nd
Grant verb; legem; Boon, favour, ; l-g-m
Write verb; lukum; Write, ; l-k-m
from; lam; ; l-m
Bleach verb; lumbur; white; l-mb-r
Patient adj; lamigh; ; l-m-gh
Far; lanik; Distant, far, remote; l-n-k
three; lurug ; ; l-r-g
Come verb; Luwus; Come, arrive; l-w-s
Horn; Inbar; Horn, ; m-b-r
nine; mekuch; ; m-k-ch
to; Mîn; ; m-n
Heal verb; mungul; Learn, know; m-ng-l
Steal; munur; Steal, appropriate; m-n-r
Ground, soil noun; mard; Soil, ground; m-r-d
hand; Murg dual?; hand; m-r-g
Handle verb; mereg; hand; m-r-g
joy verb; murukh; joy; m-r-kh
Love verb; meres; Affection, love; m-r-s
Level /plain adj; masin; Level, plane; m-s-n
regiment; matol; ; m-t-l
Feed ; meten; Feed, nourish, food, norishment; m-t-n
Roll verb; mutur; roll; m-t-r
Letter phon-symbl; mavogh; symbol; m-v-gh
violet; mizab; violet; m-z-b
Begin verb; mezher; Begin, initially; m-zh-r
Record verb; muzur; Record, register, note; m-z-r
Arm /weapon; naghok; Armed, weapon, army; n-gh-k
Volume noun- ; Ngajok /ngajűk; The amount or quantity of something; ng-j-k
Learn verb; nuguv; learn; n-g-v
with; ngwa; ; ngw
Chronicle verb- ; Ngwubuz To chronicle; Chronicle, tell in time ; Ngw-b-z
auborn, reddish-brown; nakad; brown; n-k-d
myth; nakhwor; Tale of ancient times; n-khw-r
Ash- bot.; nękon, ; ; n-k-n
Riverbed, path, course; Nâla; Path, follow, course, run; n-l
Hit verb; nenek; hit; n-n-k
Hit noun; nunk; hit; n-n-k
mind; Nurod; Mind, spirit, intellect; n-r-d
dark, black; narag; Black/ evil; n-r-g
Here ; narij; ; n-r-j
capture- verb; nurum; Capture, catch, restrain; n-r-m
rise ; nusug; Rise,; n-s-g
Confine- ; nesend; Enclose, lock up, confine, emprison; n-s-nd
zero; nut; nothing; n-t
Division; Natol / Natűl; Part, ; n-t-l
Reason verb; Nezhek; ; n-zh-k
Go verb; nuzun; Go, depart; N-z-n
There; nazor; ; n-z-r
Banana- ; Pâfos /pafűs; ; p-f-s
Allow verb; Peleg; allow; p-l-g
Tow verb; puluk; Tow, pull, drag; p-l-k
include ; peler; include; p-l-r
Document verb; Pemeth, To Document; Document,; p-m-th
brush; Pend; Brush for writing; P-n-d
Encylopedic adj-; Pirif; Collection of knowledge; p-r-f
Body; Parok / parűk; Unit, whole, body, ; P-r-k
Black?; barung; ; p-r-ng
Wed verb; perenjez; Wed unite things that belong together; p-r-nj-z
Hear verb; peseg; Ear, hear; p-s-g
Enter verb; pselen; Enter; Ps-l-n
Cart-(v.) ; psurup; Transport ; Ps-r-p
double (verb); perzhed; ; p-zh-d
foot; Puzr dual? ; Foot; p-z-r
Link Verb; reghet; Join, link; r-gh-t
arrow; Ragwon / ragwűn; Point, arrow, ; r-gw-n
Tell verb; regwer; Tell, story; r-gw-r
Take; rekeb; take; r-k-b
Orc / orcs; Rhuks /Rakhâs; Possibly crooked, evil, ; r-kh-s
soon; raks; Little space of time; r-k-s
Jog /run; rulun; run; r-l-n
Split / rend verb; repem; Split, cleft, rend; r-p-m
unite (verb); Perur / this word collides with the noun parenjoz; Would prefer definition to originate; r-r
relay; resel ; Relay, message; r-s-l
Know verb; rutuch; Know, witan, wisdom; r-t-ch
Cold adj.; sachin; Cold, coldness; s-ch-n
rock; Sadr sadâr; ; s-d-r
Long; Sigin; Extension, duration, size; s-g-n
commodore; Sogazh / sogâzh; Order, command, commander, ; s-g-zh
Visite verb; shuchur; Visit, seek out; sh-ch-r
to colour (verb); shufur; colour; Sh-f-r
Understand verb; shenesher; Comprehension, understand; Sh-n-sh-r
Clouds; Shathűr / sing. Shathor or shuthor; Misty, damp, humid, foggy, ; Sh-th-r
Backplate ; Shazok / shazűk; backplate; Sh-z-k
Blow noun; sekl; Hit. blow; s-k-l
Exit verb; sukur; exit; s-k-r
Push verb; seket; Push, shove, ; s-k-t
Push noun; Sukt / sakât; Push, shove, ; s-k-t
Head; semyak ; Being first, in front; s-m-k
young; tafid; young; t-f-d
all; thak; ; Th-k
Shine / moon verb; theret; To shine with pale light; Th-r-t
Gut adv; tajid; Good in the sense or as it should be, excellence; t-j-d
Stay verb; tukudh; Stay, stop, remain; t-k-dh
Azure- ; tukul clash with verb; Color, maybe also possible for sky?; t-k-l
shirt; Tukon / tukűn; Shirt.; t-k-n
Throw verb; Teler ; Throw, propel; t-l-r
hollow; Tumin (tumn); hollow; t-m-n
robe; tamong; robe; t-m-ng
Coat verb; tumur; To coat, cover; t-m-r
End verb; tungur; end; t-ng-r
Mighty adj; tor; mighty ; t-r
Beard /beards; Turg / tarâg; Hair, hairy, bearded, ; t-r-g
scarf; durn; scarf; t-r-n
Vest /waistcoat; Turung; vest; t-r-ng
deep; tsadik; Deep, profound; Ts-d-k
new; tashid; New, fresh, ; t-sh-d
Shoot verb; wered; shoot; w-r-d
Fictionalize verb; Yegwen; Tell a made up story; y-gw-n
Craft verb; yukug; Craft (mechanical); y-k-g
Carve verb; yemez; Cut, carve; y-m-z
Curse verb; zuchur; Curse, speak ill, ; z-ch-r
Ledger noun; Zafohw; Ledger, collection of notes; z-f-hw
name; Azaghâl ; Pertaining to war; z-gh-l
Silvery (or tine); zigil; Color, sheen, ; z-g-l
engine; Zharg-; Tool with movable part ; Zh- r-g
two; zhad; ; zh-d
Wait verb; zhegech; Wait, attend; Zh-g-ch
Volume noun- ; Zhugy /Zhagây; a Volume (as in the 3rd volume of a book) ; Zh-g-y
green; zhalad; green; Zh-l-d
Building / (bold); zahar; building; z-h-r
grey, dim; zanul; Shadow, dim, grey; z-n
Scout; Zanom /zanűm; Guarded looking; z-n-m
Article def-; Zur / zr before vowel; ; z-r
silver; zirac; silver; z-r-k
Tine (or silvery); Zirak; Spiky, tine, thorn, ; z-r-k
Blonde- adj.; zurul clash with verb; Light of color, pale,bleach; z-r-l
Lake/ pool; zâram; Pertaining to standing water, ; z-r-m
This/ These; Zaran / zarân; Something decided, particular; z-r-n
careful adj; Zashit; Attention, guard, beware, be careful; z-sh-t

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