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Oslack the dwarf. KHUZDUL - Language Tools
Oslack the Dwarf. KHUZDUL - Language Tools

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Abbreviations Used
  adj -- adjective
adv -- adverb
conj -- conjunction
interj -- interjection
n -- noun
v -- verb

A -- Adûnaic
BS -- Black Speech
CE -- Common Eldarin
H -- Haradric
Kha -- Khandian
Khu -- Khuzdûl
MS -- Middle Sindarin
nBS -- Neo-Black Speech
OS -- Old Sindarin
Q -- Quenya
R -- Rohirric
S -- Sindarin
T -- Telerin
Tal -- Taliskan
V -- Valarin
W -- Westron



-a suffix of from Q -b
â relative pronoun who, that from CE jâ
adûn n West from A adûn
agan n death from A agan
agh conj and attested BS
agla- v to speak from Khu G-L
air n eternity from CE oirê
airu kâth adv forever from nBS air, -u, kâth
akhsa- v to say aloud, to declare, to tell from V akashân
akranâ n vengeance from CE atkarnâ
âl n star from S êl
albald n spy from CE eldameldo
ammad n clothing from S hammad
anda-v to thank from CE hantâ-
arga adj lonely, isolated from CE erjâ
âru n king from A âru
ash num/adj one attested BS
ashan adj first from BS ash and V -an
-(a)t suffix to form an intentive indicating purpose attested BS
aubdan n companion from CE wopatondô
auri n day from OS aure
avada-v to ban or prohibit from CE bâtâ-
azûl n East from A azûlada

bag n dung? from attested BS bagronk
bagronk n dungpit attested BS
baira adj spectral from CE phaire and BS -a
balo adj sweet from S melui
balud n friend from Q meldo
batân n road from A batân
bath- v to trample from S batha-
bau n service, allegiance from CE stem BEW
baukû n one of allegiance, sergeant from CE stem BEW and BS kû
baub n wind from A bawâb
bîdh n word from A bêth
bilala n lightning from Q vilyo "of sky" and élë "flashing light"
bîur n follower from S býr
bizg adj wet from S mesg
bordi n North from OS phorotè
braglâ adj sudden from CE brakâlâ
brauda adj heavy from A burôda
braunug n endurance from OS bronwege
bûa-v to follow or serve from Tel búa-
bûb n pig attested BS from bûbhosh
bûbhosh adj pig-guts attested BS
bûrz adj dark, black attested BS...connected to CE MOR-?
burzum adj darkness attested BS


dabda- n to touch from A base TABAD
dagam n slaughter from PQ ndakmê
daglâ n post from CE ?taklâ
dailzi n hindmost part, rear, end from CE telesê
dailzishi adj in the back, behind from CE telesê and BS -ishi
dalt n nob from S dolt
damar n smith from A tamar
dargash n difficulty, trouble from PQ táragâssê and S tarias
dhâd n pit from CE dattâ
dhrâk n wolf from OS dråk-
dil[dh] num/adj three from CE stem NÉL-ED
dildhan adj third from CE stem NÉL-ED and V -an
diran n watcher, gazer from CE tirnô
drambil n small drum, tambourine from Q rambillë, PQ darámbillê
-dug suffix verbal present participle ending attested BS from pushdug
dûkha- v to dwell from R dûk-
dulgan n supporter from CE tulukondô
durb v to rule attested BS, related to Q tur-?


farz n gold from A pharaz
felga- v to hew stone from Khu felak
fura v to delve from W phur-

gadar n city from A kadar
galran n raiser from CE galrondô
gardi n South from OS kharatè
gau n earth from S cef "soil" and cae "earth"
ghâba- v to be in a state of seige from CE KHAM "sit"
ghâba n seige from CE khammâ "seat"
ghail adj jolly, happy, gay, merry from W kali
ghan- v to die from S gwanna-
ghâsh n fire from V igas "heat"? attested BS
ghlabra n echo from OS glambra
ghlaub n speech, tongue from Khu aglab
gibil n the starry host, the stars from A gimil
gimb-v to find attested BS
glob n filth attested BS from Saruman-glob
Golug n Ñoldo from S Golodh pl. Gelydh, attested BS
Grashrath n Caradhras from W Crassaras
gûl n wraith, spectral servant of Sauron attested BS from Nazgûl
gûsh n spy from H nûš
Gushir n Spymaster from H nuš and CE stem KHER-
gwabash n similarity, likeness, resemblance from Q óvëassë, PQ wô-vayâssê

-hai n people, race, host attested BS...akin to Q lië/Avarin lai?
haiu adj sick, ill from S lhaew
hala- v to watch, to guard from Tal hala "watch, guard"
hathâl n blade from S hathol
hîu n sickness from S lhîw
hos n whisper from S lhoss/rhoss
hosh n gut(s) attested BS from bûbhosh

iatha- v to cleave or shear through from CE stem SJAD-
Iathakû n cleaving-person (less than an Iathaur) from CE stem SJAD- and BS kû
Iathaur n Master of Cleaving from CE stems SJAD- and TUR-
idâ adv now from A idô
iduntî n begetting from CE et-ontiê
ikat n camp from OS ekkhat-
ilûth adj omnicient from Q iluisa
intir n kindler from A nitîr
-ishi suffix in attested BS
iulv n cup from S ylf
izîd n rest from CE EZDÊ-


kâl n woman from A kali
kalba- v to fall from A base KALAB-
karf n hat from OS carap
kâth adj all (as an independent adjective over the suffix -ûk) from A kâtha
khâ n crow from A khâu/khô
khalan n day from S calan
khald or hald adj shadowy, shaded from Q halda
khalib n silver from S celeb
khalk n ice from CE kelek-
khâsti n legion from CE khothsê
Khauldan n ’Shrieker’, Orkish name for Nazgûl from Q(e) holta- and A -ân
khazd n treasure from Hobbit W kast / R kastu
khîm n ale, beer from W hîm(a)
Khind-ma interj ’By the Eye!’ from CE khendê and A -mâ
khosta- v to gather from Q hosta-
khûd n hole from R kûd
khûdghan n Hobbit from R kûd-dûkan
kigh n fence, hedge from OS kegia
kimba adv continually, always from OS khimbè
kragun n Crebain, crow from CE karakwan-
krimp- v to bind attested BS
kû n man, person attested BS
Kuigû n bow-person from CE stem KWIG- and BS kû
kûm n the Void from CE stem KUM-
kûth n council, assembly, gathering from OS khût

-l verbal suffix you from CE ljê or Q le?
lamra- v to babble from OS glamra-
lathan n weaver from CE lanyondô
laukha n horse from R loho
lazna adj snowy from OS lossena
lidz n ash, dust from CE litsê
lug n tower attested BS
Lugbûrz n Barad-dûr, the Dark Tower attested BS, though the accent is changed to a circumflex to transfer it from debased Orkish to Sauron’s purer dialect
lûni adj blue from CE lujnê

-m verbal suffix we from Q me?
-ma proposition, suffix by, with (instrumental, not as in "together with")from A -mâ
mabad- v to ravish from Q amapta-
maghamb adj aware, alert from S maecheneb "sharp-eyed"
main adj prime, chief, eminent from S main
mâkh n doom, overwhelming power from V !mâch-, mâchan "authority, auth. decision"
makhan n captain, authority from V mâchan
marg adj good, useful from OS magra
marn n gore from Q(e) mëar(n)-
maubanta interj ’well-met!’ from OS mai wobanthena
Maugân n Oppressive Commander from CE stem MBAW- and Q cáno
mill n heaven, firmament from Q menel
mîr n prize from S mîr
mûnk n elephant from Kha mûmak

nadir- v to despise from Q nattir-
nadz n web from CE natsê
nagha- v to come from A base NAKH-
nâghuzd n Dwarf from S naug and Khu khuzd, and possbily a pun on nBS nagha- and khuzd, ie: "come [for] treasure]
naghu n soldier, warrior (applied to Orcs) from CE ndâkô
nâm n wisdom from Tal nóm
nanga n corpse from OS ndagno
nar n tale, story from OS naro
nard n soldier from A nardu
nardâru n warrior king from nBS nard, -a, âru
nâro n werewolf, warg from OS ñgauro
natha n thing from CE natâ
nathur n weaver, webster from CE natsrô
naul n wisdom, lore from OS ñgûle
naurt n Ent from CE noroth- "giant"
naz- v to taste nasty, dislike from Q(e) nasa
nazda- v to stab from S nasta-
nazg n ring attested BS, from V (a)naškad?
Nazgûl n Ringwraith(s) attested BS
nidh- v to force from Q nir- (CE root NID-)
nîlu n the Moon from A nîlû
nimru n Elf from A nimru-
ningu adj white from CE niñkwi
norg n fear from CE gor-ñgoroth
nûrg n terror, horror from OS ñguruka

Olog n Troll attested BS
Oghor n Wose, Drúadan (collective pl. Oghor-hai) attested BS

pira- v to halve from Q perya-
piu- v to spit from ?CE piu
push- v to stink attested BS from pushdug


rab n dog from A raba
radan n breeder from CE redondô
rakh n curse from S rhach
raktha- v to break from A base RAHAT-
rambûrz n ’fell-beast’ from Os ramna "wing" and BS bûrz "dark, black"
raukh n demon from Q rauco
râzh n foreigner from W raza
razhan adj foreign from W razan
ronk n pit? from attested BS bagronk
rûgh n shout from A rûkh

sabdha- v to understand from A base SAPHAD-
sabith n agreement from A saibêth
sad num/adj two from A satta
sadan adj second from A satta and V -an
Safta n Saruman, "understanderer" from A sapthân
sat n place, spot from S sad
sha conj together with, along with attested BS
shalini n sport, play, game from CE tjaljenê
shar adj old attested BS from Sharkû "old man/person"
shin adj new from OS sinia and S sîn
sirn n lover from A -zîr and S seron
skai interj expression of contempt, (gah!) attested BS
skar n meat, flesh from Q(e) hara
snaga n slave, lesser kind of Orc attested BS

thagra- v to encircle from CE etkortâ
Tharkuiga n Master of Bows from thar- (reduction of n. thaur) and the CE stem KWIG- and -a from Q. -o
thaur n foul, abominable, putrid, evil-smelling from S thaur
thaur n master from CE stem TUR-
Thauran n Sauron (lit. translation meaning both ‘master’ and ‘abominable one’, do NOT call him this unless you have a death wish) from Q Sauron, nBS thaur, and A -ân
thra prep over, across, beyond from CE stem THAR
thrak- v to bring attested BS
thulu n flag, banner, support, prop from Q tulwë and S tulu

-u suffix to, into, toward attested BS only taken from the debased Orkish independent word u
ug- vto dislike from VT = CE root UG-
ûgarth n sin from S úgarth
ugru n shadow from A ugru
ugruda- v to overshadow from A ugrudâ-
-ûk (verbal) suffix completely, totally, ’all’? attested BS
-ukh verbal suffix you from CE kjê?
-ukh suffix them attested BS
ûl n water, streams from Khu ûl
ulda n torrent from OS ulda
Ulud-hai n. pl. host of hideous monsters from S ulund and BS hai
-um suffix "-ness", takes circumflex off adj. it attaches to if there is one, i.e. bûrz + -um = burzum attested BS
unat n state of being an unwed maiden from OS wenetthe
unatha n impossibility, something unable to be done from Q únat
ura- v to betray, cheat from OS waria-
urd n mountain from A urud
ûrg n bear from A urug
ûri n the Sun from A ûrî
uruk n Orc, (‘horror’, literally) attested BS...from PQ uruk?

varâna- v to survive or endure from CE borónâ-
Vaul n Vala, one of the 14 Powers from A Avalôi and Q Vala




Zaimbûrz n Mordor, ’the Dark Land’ from A zâyan and BS bûrz
zain n land from A zâyan
zhiltha v to loathe from PQ djeltâ- and Q yelta-
Zigûr n the Necromancer (title of Sauron) from A zigûr
zimar n jewel from A zimra

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